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Welcome to potc_discussion!

This is a community for discussion anything and everything about the three Pirates of the Caribbean films, starring Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, Jack Davenport, and many others. Please feel free to voice your opinion about anything to do with these films, or start up a discussion post on what you think might happen, what you want to happen, or even query something that did happen. We also welcome news posts.



1. No flaming. It is easy for discussion to get out of hand, but please be aware that this is a banning offense. You can disagree with one another but there is no need to get personal, or offensive. If you find any of this happening within a thread, please let one of the moderators know.

2. This community does allow ‘shipping posts or discussions that relate to relationships or pairings within the POTC fandom. So, with this rule, we ask that everyone is respectful in regard to other members’ ‘ships. The beauty of a discussion community is that everyone is able to share their opinions, but please be considerate of others. With lots of members, there are bound to be many differences in opinions, so please don't be down on certain members/ships even if they are not to your preference, try to “convert” fans that don't want to be swayed. Discuss as you feel, but please remain polite. Often in LJ world, things get misconstrued as after all, we are only using text, so when posting a comment please be aware of this.

3. This community is spoiler-friendly. You may post about any of the films, including On Stranger Tides – but please use an LJ-cut to be courteous to f-listers who want to scroll on by until they’ve seen the movie. (NOTE: At this point, spoilers for the fourth film are the only ones that must be hidden – the other movies are all at least four years old, so they’re fair game.)

4. This is not a graphics community, so regretably icons, headers and any other form of these things cannot be posted here. Try potcicons, or potc_icons instead. One exception that will be allowed to graphics is pictures from the films and their premieres. All pictures must be placed under a cut. Hotlinking is also a no-no, especially since you can register with Photobucket for free.

5. Advertising is allowed as long as your community relates closely to POTC, or any of the main leading actors. The post will be deleted if this rule is broken. Otherwise, post away.

6. Discussion is open and free. Anything to do with these films is okay by us. Although please be sensitive to young eyes, kind to others, and use your common sense ...

But most all, enjoy yourselves!

Your moderators,

artic_fox, mouseykins1, veronica_rich and bob_always_wins

We also have had in the past a weekly picture discussion of which you can find previous weeks in the memories. If you want to suggest a picture for a new discussion, please post it here.

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